Want to know more about beard balms? CasaBarber Shop Dubai has written this nice technical article on the subject.

When it comes to beard care and hydration, beard oil is often the first thought. It nourishes the skin and hair, to fill the lack of sebum that the epidermis can face. But in the field of hydration it is not the only care that can be used. The beard balm is also an excellent care. It has the benefits of beard oil and has other benefits !


What is the beauty of the beard?

As mentioned in the introduction, beard balm shares similarities with beard oil. It usually contains oils (jojoba, castor, sweet almond, etc.) and essential oils.

These ingredients ensure:

the proper nutrition of the skin and beard hair
the softness and shine of the hair
It contains two other essential ingredients: beeswax and shea butter.


The Benefits of Beard Balm

Beeswax gives the balm its solid appearance and its fixative capacity. The greater its quantity, the more the balm is able to structure the hairs. This is what explains why mustache waxes are generally more fixative! Beeswax is also good for the skin. Rich in vitamin A, it has natural therapeutic properties. Indeed, it allows to block and retain water in the skin by forming a waterproof film. Ideal therefore to counter the winter drought!

Shea butter is also a great ally for your skin. It helps to fight against microfissures caused by cold and prevent their appearance by forming an additional layer of hydration. The beard balm is an effective barrier against external aggressions and especially the cold.


While beard oil is suitable for any type of beard (short or long) the beard balm is much more suitable for medium and long beards. It helps to structure your beard. Its fixative ability is able to discipline the hairs and play easily the most rebellious hairs.

In short, the beard balm:

deeply moisturizes skin and beard
softens the hair
protects the skin and prevents dryness
fixed and structure the beard
and slightly perfumes the beard!