The mustache is the best way to let his creativity and imagination speak and to assume his side Gentlemen !

But to wear one, you must first maintain and pamper it! You don’t know where to start ? Here is an article made for you to have a perfectly maintained mustache !

First step : grow your mustache !

For basic maintenance, ensure a good growth and start from a clean base. Here’s how:

First of all, to grow a mustache, you need patience!
Then you have to prepare the ground: at the beginning you will have some fine hairs. Do not hesitate to shave them so that they grow thicker and thicker. To accompany the growth of your mustache, it is advisable to leave the beard simultaneously that brings a little chic and neglected side!
Once your hair gets thick enough, depending on your hair, your mustache will need to be trimmed from the 2nd or 3rd week of growth with the help of moustache scissors, a razor or a clipper.

Our tips for maintaining your mustache :

Here are some tips for an easy and effective interview :

– Clean your mustache: a soap or beard shampoo will do the trick

– Feed the hair with a beard oil or balm. The hair will be softer and stronger and will grow healthier.

– And to give style to his mustache, nothing better than a mustache wax, mustache wax helps discipline the hair and style it !

Finally, you have to learn to shave and trim your mustache like a chef !

The best way to have a perfect mustache is to regularly visit your favorite barber. He will trim the mustache according to the shape of the face so that everything is homogeneous.

It is possible to take care of his mustache at home and give it a little clean.

Here are some tips:

Remove volume

With a comb, it is enough to lift the hair of the mustache and cut the part of the hair that protrudes from the comb with scissors.

Refine traits

Paint from top to bottom, and if necessary, use scissors to cut off excess hair.

Trim lip contours

It is necessary to respect as much as possible the natural shape of the lips in order to have a homogeneous appearance.


Now that the maintenance of the mustache has no secrets for you, it’s up to you!