Trimming or degrading your beard : the difference?

Trimming your beard : a basic maintenance
Trimming your beard means cutting it into shape. The goal is to shorten the length of its hairs and without any other aesthetic intent.

Beard size is simply basic maintenance like shaving when you don’t want to have hair on your chin.

Degrade your beard : more than a simple maintenance, a style
Degrading your beard, involves the use of a cutting technique that consists in gradually decreasing the thickness of the hair of your beard.

It is important to rely on a hair professional, barber or barber with experience for hair maintenance.

Why do you want to degrade your beard ?

Does the texture of your hair change with the seasons ?

In summer, they can be rougher than usual and you may have more difficulty taming them and holding them in place even using beard oil. Why are you curious about the gradient technique? This cutting technique can be the solution to restore style to your beard!

Do you have a slightly rounded face ?

Indeed, choosing the gradient can allow you to sculpt your face but it will only be an optical effect! Playing on the length will refine your face.

Do you have a square face ?

The gradient is also for you! Well shaved and neat contours, well graded lengths up to the chin, clean and silky legs etc.

Whether you are in one of the scenarios or just want to follow the fading trend, we understand that you want to test the experience of degradation at home.

How to break down his beard?

Just before going to the essential steps to succeed your gradient, we do a short summary of the material you need.

Before embarking on this battle, team up with the following accessories and care products:

– A beard brush or comb
– Shaving oil or cream for contours
– A rule
– A beard trimmer with multiple hooves of different sizes
– A pair of beard scissors
– A moisturizing and fixing beard balm for finishes and skin care
– A mirror

Degrade your beard in 6 steps :

– I grow a beard for at least a week… so that I can have a minimum of length to be able to perform a gradient.

– I brush my beard with a horn brush or comb and outline my cheeks and neck…

– I use my beard trimmer and place the object that will be used as a tracing instrument parallel to my contour line.

– I set my clipper shoe to 3 and with a vertical up and down motion I mow the top. If I want to continue to degrade, because I quickly get into this game, then I shift my ruler one centimetre upwards, I position the hoof of my lawnmower on 1.5, and I proceed to the same movement.

« I release the small hairs that come out of my beard with scissors.

– I use a moisturizer that will allow the beard to stay in place all day long, with no shiny or greasy effects.


Here we go! We hope you enjoyed the article!