To have a beautiful beard well stocked, silky and homogeneous… here is an article to remedy it.

The hole in the beard : Why?
Hair growth is not as powerful, incomplete and unruly, we have the solution for you !

To deal with the problem, you have to understand where it comes from. Your beard grew and you realized it was sparse and not so full ?

Know that several factors can be the causes of the hole in the beard.

The hole corresponds above all to an absence of hair.

The two most common reasons for a sparse beard are :

– or your amount of hair follicles is not enough on some places.
– hair growth may be simply late.

Here are the possible causes.

At the age of 30 you notice that your beard still has these holes, you should suspect the existence of certain disorders:

folliculitis : it is a microbial or bacterial infection of the hair follicle.

scar alopecia : This designation includes diseases that cause permanent hair or hair loss. Hair follicles disappear to be replaced by scars.
factors such as stress, psychological disorders and some medications, which can also cause your beard to curl.

The natural and effective remedy : beard oils

A vegetable-based product, beard oil has beneficial properties for hair.

Each has its own virtues :

To purify, there is the famous castor oil. It must be applied regularly to help stimulate the growth of your beard. This oil cleans hair follicles.
A reconstructive quality can also be found in grape seed oil. Thanks to the presence of linoleic acids, this oil regenerates the attacked hair. It also has an anti-inflammatory property.

Beard Oils from Jojoba oil are just as effective, they also allow a deep moisturizing of the hair.

To penetrate the oil and get the maximum benefits, apply it by massaging the face. The blood circulation will help feed better and bring more oxygen to your face.

Beard balms have the same advantages as oils!

Get a maintenance kit to set up a proper ritual with appropriate beard care and products.

Quick zoom on essential care gestures :

Wash your face with special soap or beard shampoo.
Moisturizes well by massaging your entire face with oil or balm.

If you do not take care of your skin, the bulb at the root of the hair will not be able to breathe and if your pores will be blocked…

Tame his hair or fill the beard hole ?

Growing and brushing your beard reveals its potential. It is also a way to camouflage thinning areas. By being long, your hair will be easily disciplined by a beard brush or comb.

The advantage of this ephemeral solution is that your irregularities will hardly be visible. Adjusts the structure of the hair by applying oils or balms.

Shave everything to get rid of it ?

If patience is not your forte, in this case, there is only one solution: shave your beard! It’s not necessarily abandonment, it’s giving your hair a chance to grow back stronger.

Fallback solution : ask a professional barber for advice

If none of the previous solutions had any effect on the holes in your beard, you can ask a barber for a personalized diagnosis. He can advise you on the most suitable style.

Casabarbershop Dubai hopes to have been able to help you in your hair problem !