Whether it’s your beard, your eyebrows, your hair… Wherever there is skin and hair, you may at some point observe the aparition of dandruff.

More seriously, if it itches you or if you see it with the naked eye, we want to believe that it slows your mood. That’s why Casa Barbershop made this article to get rid of your beard dandruff !

From a medical point of view, dandruff most often comes from pityriasis. It’s a benign superficial fungal infection caused by a fungus called Malassezia, which disrupts your cell renewal system.

To make it simple and effective it is therefore a skin problem and not a hair problem! Because don’t forget to pamper your skin! The health of your hair starts with the health of your skin. 

Step 1: Are your dandruff rather dry or greasy ? 

– Dry dandruff is scattered in the volume of your beard, less irritating but more unsightly as you may find it on the front of your shirts.

– Oily dandruff is less numerous but more voluminous, more visible. However, they do not fall and remain well attached to the hair.

Step 2: adopt a professional routine!

1. Washing
Two to three times a week, cleans your beard with a shampoo designed and adapted to the hair and skin of your face.

2. Wiping
Use a clean towel to wipe yourself by tapping your beard you just shampooed

3. Care
Choose according to your mood and needs a beard oil or a beard balm. The composition of these 2 treatments is often 100% natural, optimal choice to pamper your skin and treat your dandruff problem.

4. How about brushing?
Brush your beard daily to spread the balm, oil, or just the natural sebum on your skin.

This will help to:

– Stimulate follicles for better growth

– Gently exfoliate the skin and remove any dander

– Discipline hair and limit itching

– Choose a brush made from natural fibres.

There is also the option of a full shave… to start from scratch and heal the skin before starting the growth again… Shaving helps eliminate dead skin.

If you follow our advice and respect the PH of your skin by avoiding the use of irritants, you should be able to overcome dandruff.

We wish you good luck and we hope that the article will have helped you! 😊