Barbers and hairdressers are perceived as one and the same. People don’t differentiate between barbers and hairdressers for men. That’s why Casabarbershop Dubai decided to write this article to give you a clear vision of the difference between a barber and a hairdresser. In the end, you know if you need to go to your barber or hairdresser to get the hairstyle you want.


Both are trained to cut hair. However, the way they were trained to get their certification is different depending on the tools, skills and treatment of the hair. All hairdressers can dye your hair the color or style you want but the barber hardly dye the hair. There are more differences in terms of environment, time, tools and prices.


Tools & Service :

Barbers and hairdressers are trained differently to graduate. Barbers are trained with clippers and razors. While the hairdresser is trained with scissors. The hairdresser must learn coloring and hair care. A barber will tend to cut your hair with clippers and razors. A hairdresser tends to focus on his or her scissor skills. In addition, you can ask your hairdresser to dye your hair and he will give you hair care treatments.

Training :

The beard learns to cut only men’s hair. They are taught to control your hair using clippers and razors, to apply the techniques of the clipper with the comb. They satisfy their client with the work of fades and gradients. On the other hand, men’s hairdressers mainly learn to work with scissors and a comb. They work mainly on longer classical forms. They are naturally more comfortable with the scissors and comb than with the clipper and use various techniques to create layers.

Time to make for a barber and hairdresser :

With a barber, the client will usually receive a bleached haircut in 20/25 minutes. A hairdresser for men will spend more time with the client and ensure that the haircut is fully adapted to him.

The barbershop and barber shop environment :

When you enter a barbershop, you will probably feel that the atmosphere is more masculine and more relaxed than in a barbershop. The hair salon offers more space for washing or styling.
Salon decorations tend to have a modern look, they actually have skills to work on women’s hair. That’s why they have a lot of demands on hair dye, smooth hair, wavy hair… Many men say that they feel more comfortable in a barbershop than in a beauty salon that is more suitable for men.