Are you wearing a manly beard ? Welcome ! Casa Barbershop gives you 3 reasons to maintain your beard every day.

1 – Hygiene: Take care of your lifestyle

Your beard is a real vacuum cleaner, tobacco, food, pollution … !

It is essential to clean your beard, like your hair and body. Dermatologists who have studied the issue recommend 2 to 3 beard washes per week.

The beard hairs should be thoroughly cleaned while taking care of the skin underneath… Choose beard cleansers made from natural ingredients that will respect your hair and skin.


2 – Well-being and style are important to your beard!

If you don’t want your beard to look like the tuft of hair you have under your armpits, you’ll have to maintain it! A healthy, classy beard requires maintenance…

Simply nourish your hair and moisturize with a beard oil or balm.


3 – Pleasure above all. Without it, no beautiful hair!

The goal in life is to please yourself so please!

It feels so much better and clean after a good beard shampoo. And what to say after putting on a virile oil or balm…

So why maintain your beard every day?

Well simply because:

– It’s hygienic
– It’s wellness and style
– It’s a pleasure

Your beard is a chance. It’s the best way to indulge yourself while affirming your character and “lifestyle”.